• Wednesday Night Activities

    Families are invited to join us for a meal and Bible studies for all ages each Wednesday night during the school year.

    • 7:00 - 8:00pm  HopeKidz
      (age 3 – Grade 5) 
    • 7:00 - 8:00pm  MS YOUTH
      (grades 6-8) Church Family Center
    • 7:00 - 8:00pm  HS YOUTH
      (grades 9-12) Youth Room downstairs
    • 7:00 - 8:00pm  Adult Prayer Time
      for Adults during selected months 

    HopeKidz, for children ages 3 to 6th grade, begins at 7:00pm in the Christian Education Wing. There is both class time and large group time involving Bible stories, songs, games, and Bible verse memory.  

  • HopeKidz (Age 3-5th)

    Our goal in HopeKidz is to help kids find and follow Jesus.  When a caring person, faithfully loves and points a child towards Jesus, then we see God do incredible things. This year kids will dig into the Life of Jesus by using a curriculum called DIG IN. The kids will meet in the sanctuary for a large group worship and Bible Story time. Then they meet in classrooms by age to do followup activities related to the Bible story.  Our hope it that kids don't just learn about the historical Jesus but they get to know him personally.  We desire for them to discover that Jesus is a real person--a real friend--who make a difference in their lives today. A few highlights of the year include the Fall Party, the Kids’ Christmas Program, the Nursing Home Outreach, the Timberlake Camp Presentation and the Family Fun Night. 

  • Hope MS Youth Group (6th-8th)

    Our Goal is to see the next generation become fully devoted Christ-followers. We do this by communicating the Gospel message (Rom. 1:16), helping them grow in their faith (2 Tim. 3:16), getting connected with the Church family (Rom. 1:12) and teaching them to serve God and to go out and tell others his message (Matt. 28:10-20).

    The Jr. High students meet on Sundays at 9:30am & Wednesday nights during the school year at 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

  • Hope HS Youth Group (9th-12th)

    High School youth meets Wednesday evenings during Wednesday Night Live.

    This group meets together on the couches in the large basement area. Craig & Christine Quiring and Bret & Laura Jost lead the group. It begins at 7:00pm.

  • Adult Small Groups & Bible Studies

    We offer bible study on Sundays with small groups meeting throughout the building.  Wednesdays, adults engage in prayer time and bible studies are offered seasonally.  We encourage and foster spiritual growth no matter where you are on your faith journey.  These groups are open to everyone regardless of membership.  We believe the word of God is for everyone and seek to include all who are interested in learning more about Jesus. This is time for people to share their thought, ideas, and opinions on what we just heard. There is also no obligation to say anything. It's an opportunity to hear from others and process what we learned, all in an open, friendly environment.

Youth Small Groups & Sunday HopeKidz

Youth Small Groups and Kids Sunday School are available each Sunday morning for these age groups as well. The youth are challenged by their leaders and teachers to seek how to serve God with their lives through words and actions.

Love Henderson

The Love Henderson initiative was launched in Spring of 2018.  It was started as a kindness project and a way to reach out and serve in the community in tangible ways.   We want to bring all people together and work as a team for a common purpose that will benefit everyone in the community. Our hope is to have families participate together and see this as an opportunity to talk about serving others and taking care of the community we live in.  We have served by picking up trash and sticks in the city parks, cleaning flower beds on Main Street, replacing wood on park benches, putting up bleachers at the ball field, helping at the school and giving out drinks at the community Easter Egg Hunt.  We are committed to helping transform our community and show love to all of our neighbors.

Prayer Quilts & MCC School Bags

We have special days set aside usually in the summer months, where a group of talented people from our congregation come together to sew MCC School Bags and make prayer quilts to be distributed to those who need them most.


Baptism is an outward sign of an inner transformation. It symbolizes death to the past, cleansing from sin, and incorporation into a new community of faith, and a new life. If you are interested in Baptism, give us a call.


We believe in the value of individual Christians entering into a covenant relationship with other Christians, all organized in local churches. Membership is certainly not required to attend any of our events, but we do encourage all Christians to partake in local church membership somewhere.


When it comes to MIssions, our primary belief is that the purpose of the church is to fulfill the mission of Christ. As such, we are not a church with a "missions department" rather we, as a local church, are the expression of a larger, global mission to Grow Disciples and Multiply Churches who Glorify God and Transform Communities. But in addition to that, we also have national and international missionaries that we love, support, and learn from.