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what to expect on Sunday

We would LOVE to have you join us some Sunday mornings!  Sundays are celebrative, informal, and fun.  You are welcome to come early and stay late.  Be sure to ask where the cappucino machine is.

The church service begins at 10:30 and usually ends between 11:30 and 11:45.  Because we are blessed with a variety of skilled worship leaders, one morning may be the men's quartet, and the next may be contemporary with guitars and drums.  But it's always good music!  Our pastor will preach through scripture in an orderly manner, explaining its relevance and application.

If you would like to come early to Sunday School, it begins at 9:30.  Call the office and we'll explain the options.

Sunday service

At Henderson MB you find good music, relevant preaching, and an inviting community all taking place in a historic setting. 

When you arrive, ushers will greet you at the door, provide a bulletin (order of service), and answer any questions you may have. They’re knowledgeable people, ask away! Our start time for the church service is 10:30. Dress is casual, but many still where “business casual.” Feel free to come as you are. 

Our services begin with Musical Worship. On any given Sunday you may experience classic hymns, contemporary worship, and most anything in-between. After the worship we have a time of prayer, followed by the offering. If you are a visitor, please feel no pressure to give financially. Then our pastor will spend 30-45 minutes teaching us the Bible, and explaining how it applies in day-to-day life. He’s pretty good, we think you’ll like him. Most services conclude between 11:30 – 11:45. We have several Bible and journals that are available and free. 

Our sanctuary is a thing of beauty. It was built by hand, by the church members, in 1926 (finished). It is has beautiful wood work, high ceilings, classic padded pews, and tall arching windows. Despite its age and classic feel, it has been updated in a classy way to provide a setting that is still easy to work with. To us, it is a peaceful place where community, worship, and learning collide.